5 Benefits of Choosing Clatuu Fat Freeze

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5 Benefits of Choosing Clatuu Fat Freeze

Ever wondered when you look in the mirror and think, maybe you can be a little slimmer? It’s no body-shaming issue; it’s just that there are some people who want to look and feel good about their bodies. One option is to exercise, a quicker alternative is to undergo liposuction. However, imagine a way to become slimmer without the need for invasive methods. Better and preferred, right? Maybe CLATUU fat freeze is the right option for you!

One of Lux Aesthetics’ finest services, CLATUU Cryolipolysis is a fat freezing, nonsurgical reduction, cutting edge technology method which utilizes a 360 degree-cooling method, which freezes undesired, stubborn fat. This method cools the targeted area more effectively with its state-of-the-art cooling conductivity. It augments treatment outcomes while sustaining safety as a priority.

CLATUU has an urbane chilling energy, which is transported straight into targeted fat area deposits without affecting other body tissues. It crystallizes fat cells, causing cell apoptosis. This is then eliminated by the body’s natural metabolism. Patients will experience noticeable changes in the targeted area. This is preferred because it is non-invasive, and at the same time more convenient for patients to undergo. Here are some more benefits of the fat-freezing technology:


  1. It’s non-invasive feature

This is one of the biggest benefits of CLATUU. It is nonsurgical, which means that you won’t have to feel too concerned about any downtime after the treatment. Crypolysis restricts the fat cells which leaves the tissues unscathed, wherein metabolism will assist the body in expelling those fats for the next couple of weeks. The results will feature a more shaped body that most desire. However, watch out for redness, swelling, itching, and minor discomforts, as these are mild side effects of fat freeze as your body recovers.

  1. It’s surprisingly swift!

It does not take more than an hour of treatment for each targeted area. The dual applicator allows two areas to be treated at the same time, saving you precious time.  4 areas can be treated in two hours, making this fairly fast to squeeze in your demanding timetables. Along with this, a bonus fact is that you can immediately return to work after the procedure.

  1. It has a lasting effect

Visible progression can be seen over the next 2 to 4 months and as early as 1 month. Fantastic, conclusive results can be seen at 6 months. As long as you keep up with a balanced and healthy diet, these results might even be lifelong. As Clatuu has eradicated unwanted fat cells in the targeted area, subsequent weight again may appear less in these areas.

  1. Offers natural-looking results

It’s every cosmetic treatment’s goal to help patients look like themselves, just a little bit improved. It will progressively divulge your body’s tone over several weeks, and you will be able to maintain results through healthy living, including daily exercises. Another pro would be that because it’s non-invasive, scarring is not expected with this method.

  1. It boosts your morale and motivates you

It’s a common saying that when you look good, you feel good. This is just the thing that you can achieve by using CLATUU. Don’t be discouraged if you’re just not feeling the results you would expect to have with your lifestyle plan, but this has nothing to do with that. We have minimal control on what our bodies choose to store and lose, so there’s nothing to worry about. This method will help you perceive the change you yearned for, to have a more constructive image and an enhanced eminence of life.


Take the chance!

Lux Aesthetics offers CLATUU, which offers all of the above. The best thing about this procedure is that it ensures client’s safety, having been rigorously trialed and tested.

Take the next step in becoming a better, healthier you and bring out nothing but your finest self!