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When we talk about fat reduction, liposuction is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, not everyone..

Blame it on the holiday season, but lately, a topic is back at the top of conversations: fat-freezing. It’s..

Every 15 seconds, a hydrafacial is performed somewhere in the world. It amounts to 2 million facials annually which..

Nothing else destroys a good OOTD than unwanted hair, not to mention how it will make your skin feel..

Venus Legacy Benefits

All of us want to get the most out of life and in doing so, it is best to..

Benefits 5

Ever wondered when you look in the mirror and think, maybe you can be a little slimmer? It’s no..

Facial Rejuvenation

People are often stressed, and it shows up on their faces. And when people sometimes create facial expressions such..

Slim Body Treatment

Have you been dying to slim and contour your body but afraid to go under the knife? Have you..

fat freeze singapore

Have you been working out so hard but your stubborn flab and muffin tops keep on coming back? Lux..