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The ultimate body sculpt program


The Glacier Sculpt Response program removes unwanted stubborn fat and tightens, firms, smoothens and sculpts targeted treatment areas.

Unsatisfied with your body image whenever you look into the mirror?

Always wanted to have a healthy, toned and lean silhouette?

Have you been spending time exercising but still unable to target certain areas of stubborn fat?

The Glacier Sculpt Response program is tailored specifically to suit your individual needs. Hard to shed pockets of fat are eliminated while the overlying skin is tightened, contoured and firmed.

Tummy Fat Removal

Eliminate and Sculpt to reveal a new and improved you.

This program combines cutting edge technology to trim and sculpt without having to undergo plastic surgery.

Step 1: Fat freeze

The Clatuu fat freeze technology used in our Glacier Sculpt Response program is scientifically proven to freeze and eliminate fat cells. Stubborn fats are cooled up to -9 ºC using a 360 º cooling mechanism. This allows for highly efficient cooling and breaking down of fat cells. The dual applicator machine also allows 2 areas to be treated at the same time. This makes the treatment more time efficient. The fat cells that are frozen will slowly breakdown over time and be eliminated by the body naturally as a waste product.

Each treatment cycle takes approximately 60 mins. This procedure is comfortable and safe. Rest and relax during the treatment while the machine works on your targeted area. After the session, the treated area will appear like a butter block. Skillful massage by our therapists will help to smoothen out the “block” and improve the break down of fats in the treated area.

The treated area may feel slightly sore for 1-2 weeks post treatment while the body processes the fats at the treated area. The area will slim down and improve gradually over a period of 1-3 months. Maximal slimming results will be observed then.

Step 2: Venus Legacy

The next step involves the revolutionary Venus Legacy Radio Frequency treatment. Approximately 2-3 weeks after the Clatuu fat freeze treatment, the Venus Legacy is put to work at the treated area. The technology of the Venus Legacy lies in its Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields. The radio frequency stimulates the body’s tissues to produce more collagen than it usually would.  Through this increase in collagen and elastin fibres production, the Venus Legacy treatment smoothens skin, tightens and sculpts the body.

The uniform thermal energy generated from the Venus Legacy also breaks down fat cells in the treatment area. This further enhances its body slimming and sculpting effect.

Unique to the Venus Legacy, the Vari-Pulse technology creates a gentle suction and massage action to draw the targeted area of skin closer to the treatment probe. This allows for deeper penetration of the radio frequency to further improve results. The action of the Vari-Pulse technology also helps in lymphatic drainage and to improve blood circulation.

Venus Legacy

What you can achieve with the Ultimate Body Sculpt Program. A Brand New You.

Regain the confidence to put on any type of clothes

you fancy. Feel beautiful, slim and toned again.

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